D.I.Y lip scrub that will help you get rid of dry ,flaky and chapped lips using very easy to get household ingredients .the advantage of making homemade lip scrub is its very cheap and easy to make, plus you know all the ingredients in it so to say its safe unlike the one you go shop for which is expensive and you don’t know what chemicals are in it .

This scrub is AMAZING and it smells SO GOOD and its adjustable to what you may have on hand

you will need:

1 TBSP Brown /White sugar

1 TBSP Honey

1tsp Coconut/Olive oil

1tsp Vanilla extract (Optional)

1/2 tsp of either cinnamon (Optional)




At this point you can choice to add cinnamon or not or any other ingredient you have such as peppermint or strawberry or bubblegum essence 

Other excellent options are lemon lip scrub that is good for exfoliating and brightens up the lips

Simply mix all the ingredients together and feel free to adjust the amount of ingredients to your liking until you get the perfect consistency and sugar to oil reactor

then put the mixer in a pretty container and start scrubbing.

The sugar scrub exfoliates all of the dead flaky skin cells off your lips and it produces glycolic acid /alpha hydro which exfoliates and stimulates collagen production and anti aging

The coconut oil or olive oil moisturizes ,coconut oil contains vitamin E and K ,polypherosis are good anti aging and fatty acid that moisturizes without breakouts

The honey give the scrub a nice scent and texture

the cinnamon helps increase blood flow to your skin causing it to plumper up after using the scrub

Exfoliate your lips at list twice a week and help get rid of those dead skin cells leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth.




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