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Easy tips to loss weight faster

Easy tips to loss weight faster ,am going to give you four simple day to day tips proven to aid in losing weight faster,

1 . Eat high – protein breakfast.

Eating high protein breakfast has been proven to reduce craving and calorie intake throughout the day and also helps in boosting metabolism

Such protein sources include:

Pork, lamb ,meat, bacon, chicken

Fish and sea foods – salmon, trout, e.t.c

Eggs – omega 3 enriched or pastured eggs are great

2. Avoid sugary drinks and starches

These are the most fattening things you can put into you body, they stimulate secretion of insulin the most

insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body

3. Drink water half an hour before meals

Drinking water before meals helps one feel full hence eating less .this in turn enables you to loss weight faster

4. Drink tea or coffee

Coffee or tea drinks contain caffeine in them which help boost metabolism by 3-11%

you can add other ingredients to your tea, to further help in your weight loss journey

lemon and ginger [lemon + ginger tea]

Benefits of these two ingredients include


Helps with problems with indigestion, nausea, acid reflex and gas.

Also helps with inflammation , blood circulation and also inhibit ,rhinovirus which leads to common cold.


Lemon increases metabolism , reduce bloating and improves skin complexion.

It can be used to reduce inflammation.

Its recommended for sinus problems, cold, running nose.

If you have history of kidney stones or urinary tract infection lemon can aid the body in removal and prevention.

How to make :

Ginger + lemon tea:


2 cups of water

1-inch piece of ginger

1-2 slices of lemon


Combine ginger and water in a pan on the stove.

Bring to boil with high heat.

Once the tea is boiling , reduce the heat down to a simmer for 10minutes .

Add the lemon

Remove from the stove and allow it to cool slightly

Sieve the drink

Pour into a mug and enjoy

Lemon ginger


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