Porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture, for most porosity its generic but for others it can be affected by external factors such as exposure to heat treatment ,chemicals processing e.t.c.

Knowing your hair porosity can help you choose the right products to help you maintain good moisture and shine and making you hair strong and healthy.

there are three types of porosity low, medium and high porosity


The floating test :

take a strand of your hair drop it in a bowl of water let it sit for 2-4 minutes .if your hair floats ,you have low porosity if it suspends in the middle that is medium but if goes straight to the bottom that is high porosity


This type of hair is considered healthy ,and mostly very shinny but it usually repels from absorbing moisture but ones it does loss the moisture easily that’s because it cuticles and gaps are tightly close together

the trick to open the cuticle in order to absorb moisture, you need to use warm water when shampooing. avoid sulfate based shampoo since they drys up the hair.

This hair is also prone to product build ups .because of the tight cuticles that is why with low porosity its advisable to use very light oil such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, argon oil, aloe Vera gel, and sweet almond oil .which can be absorbed easily.


This hair requires least amount of maintenance,the hair absorbs moisture fast and holds it longer because the cuticle layer is looser. The hair holds style well and for longer

This hair benefits from deep conditioning with protein conditioners.

Recommended products are

Aphogee green tea shampoo, black Castor oil, olive oil, Shea butter .


This hair absorbs to much moisture and looses the moisture very fast ,this hair type is not best since it prone to frizz and tangles in humid weather.

The hair can either be inherited or as result of damage from chemicals ,rough treatment or environmental damage.

Its important to use leave-in conditioners , moisturizers and sealant to seal in the moisture and avoid dryness .

Protein treatment is also advisable to repair the hair cuticles and feel in the gaps.

Use products rich in protein, black castor oil, Shea butter, olive oil .



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